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"SPRAGWERKS" Sprag (spragg): 1. To prop, support, or immobilize. 2. A one-way, freewheel clutch used in automatic transmissions, motorcycles, starter motors, and helicopters. Werks (wurks): 1. Place or establishment for manufacturing. 2. The working parts of a machine. HOW IT STARTED Around 1995, a coworker and I were on a job overhauling a pair of 12-cylinder engines in an old 110-foot motor yacht. The job was tough - the engine room where we were working was hot and the space was really tight. There was also a lurking captain on the ship, a drunk, who kept poking his head in the engine room, going on and on about “sprag" clutches he used to rebuild for Ford in the olden days. To say he was annoying would be a major understatement. After about a week, we started calling him “Captain Sprag" - we still goofed about Captain Sprag and his antics long after the job was done. Fast forward to 2002: I had been making jewelry for around seven or eight years, mostly for myself and my friends. As my work started to get noticed by friends, and friends of friends, I realized that this could be something that I could pursue on a more serious level. I knew the business needed a name - something that embraced my love for machines, decaying urban surroundings, the obscure, and the organic. The word “sprag” kept popping into my head, so I went with it. I bounced between different names, when, finally, a friend suggested I add “werks” to the end. “Spragwerks” was born... INSPIRATION My prior career as a heavy-duty diesel mechanic, as well as my upbringing in the post-industrial wasteland of northeastern New Jersey, clearly informed my aesthetic. My work explores the tense intersection of the organic by the industrial, and particularly the consumption of one by the other. Each piece goes through my hands, and all jewelry is cast in either New York City or Los Angeles and hand-finished by me. Because of the hands-on approach to making jewelry, each piece is unique. Everything is made on an as-needed basis. My main objective is to create designs in which form follows function. SPRAGWERKS is made to last a more than lifetime, and I personally back each piece with a lifetime warranty. One of my strongest beliefs is that fads come and go, but style lasts forever. ABOUT THE COMPANY Spragwerks is a small, independently-owned and operated company. When you make a Spragwerks purchase, you are supporting local business and environmental sustainability: Any vendors we use are locally-owned and painstakingly selected for their regard to personal and corporate environmental responsibility and excellent work ethic. Spragwerks endeavors to recycle and reuse everything we can (including your packaging!) and keep our carbon footprint as small as possible. So, macabre tastes and wild hearts notwithstanding, our customers are ethical consumers!