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here is a peak at some custom stuff i've made in the last year or so- wisdom this is a necklace made from a clients wisdom teeth.. the specimens are set into fitted silver bezels, than strung on a silver chain- kiki here we have a molar set into a hand carved Deco styled ring.. the ring is bronze, and has black diamonds set around the bezel. AHS these we made as wrap gifts for teh folks who worked on last season of American Horror Story, Freak-show. the same design was used as a necklace, a key chain and a ring! CLOVER here is a HUGE custom Mexican biker ring... the ring is sterling silver, and the clover and horseshoe are cast in bronze. thekla a custom silver skull ring, set with white sapphires in the eyes.. the cross bone is cast from a random rat bone. customchef here is the front and back of a pendant i made for a gear head chef.. IMG_2340-725x632 here we have a custom made Bronze Giraffe skull pendant. IMG_2344-725x632 i was asked to partici[ate in a art show celebrating Lux Interior from the infamous(and one of my favorite) band "The Cramps". what i created was 'Frankenlux". a perfect melding of Lux & Frankenstein.. the ring is cast in bronze, and finished patina. scrolls silver scrolls here are some rings made from castings of various bits and pieces from real insects: scorpion the ring shank is molded from a yellow scorpion tail, cast in 14k yellow gold and set with a smokey quartz. emerald this ring is molded from the front legs of a giant Hercules beetle, cast in 14k yellow gold, and set with a oval emerald. locust-2 the shank of this ring is made from the molds of the rear leg's of a giant locust, the stone is a laboradite.(the photo does not capture the iridescent qualities of the magnificent stone) blackstarr this ring is molded from the second segment of a stag beetles front legs.. cast in sterling silver, and set with a black star sapphire-
beckmann--These are two of my favorite ring designs! these are the rings that i designed for Jeff & Mary..(see custom belt buckle in the next post) Hers: A custom Claddagh ring. the main part of the ring is cast in platinum & the celtic band on the ring shank is cast in 18k yellow gold. the crown is set with 20 .7mm white diamonds & a green garnet set just above- His: this is a spin on one of my bound rings, Made just a tad narrower the band is hand formed from 14g sterling silver, than the same design that was used to make the Celtic knot on Mary's ring was laser engraved into Jeff's ring.. the knot is capped of with an M. the ring is riveted together with 2 14g rose gold rivets- these designs are a perfect example of collaborating with a client to get them exactly what they want.. for me these types of projects are my favorite, working with clients in this capacity is truly inspiring, as well as an honor. m&j
This buckle was made as a wedding gift, from future wife to future husband.. it's the view from one of the grooms favorite home town spots along the river- I also had the opportunity to work with this couple (Jeff & Mary) on their engagement/wedding band rings(see next post). beckmann:buckle process: crop and size original photo. redraw picture( make modifications so details translate to a sculpture). transfer redrawn picture to wax. carve picture into wax. cast, polish, and patina!
Custom hardware for Diego Rocha's latest handbags - snake-textured handle rings and Diego Rocha nameplates.diego DR Bowling Green_po

Bombs Away!!!!!!

A few months ago i got a call from a friend Dustin..He owns a kick ass  company called Bombs Away They make a wide variety of men's and women's  apparel, as well as Dustin's art work- Dustin's designs are very bold, and i have always thought they would translate into jewelry very well... This summer we finally did it! A white metal belt buckle, some Sterling Silver pendants, and Sterling Silver and Bronze medallions.
Here are a few images of some wedding bands i made in the past year.. These rings are cast from the fingerprints of the bride and groom.. This client wanted a Elvis inspired wedding band for her husband. This design is made from a hand forged silver band. I set 8 rivets in the band, 7 to look like screws, and the 8th in 18k yellow gold. Over the summer i got a call from an old friend.. it was his 15 year wedding anniversary and he needed a new ring. It was a while since he actually worn one, the ring he worn last had to get cut from his finger(never try to repair a running lawnmower!), we put our heads together and came up with this... A reticulated silver band with 13 gold stitches! No idea is too crazy... So if you want something really special for the most specialist of occasions shoot us an email -- 2012 Custom Wedding bands           
Over the summer we got approached to make some custom lapel pins for a Dexter promo ad.... overall i made 6 custom lapel pins (i made them from pendants), "Cold Steel" is in this photo- Pssssssssssttttt........enter DEXTER in at check out and get 10% off your order!

Golden Gods-

Lined up and ready for war... the 2010 Revolver Golden Gods Awards- Trophies are 9 1/2 inches tall and weigh 7 pounds each! The "Stone Henge" part is cast from a White metal alloy, than bronze plated with an antique patina. The bases are cast in Urethane plastic, than hand painted(by me). To make these badboys Extra Heavy i sank lead ingots into the Urethane bases.....
I dug this buckle out of a  deep drawer...a few years ago i made these buckles for Kerry Martinez just before the U.S. Bombs went out on tour. the Brass buckles were made for the guys in the band, a white metal version was made for the public. here is a picture of the Brass Buckle...
Early in 2009 I made these pendants for Eagles of Death Metal's HEART ON Tour...
A customer approached me with a dilemma....what to do with the diamonds from her Grannies jewelry?? Here's  what we came up with.... Photos compliments of Stephanie Moore Photography


Here is a picture of a custom buckle that i did for a Pilot TV show...The show never got picked least someone  got a insanely cool belt buckle out of the deal. The buckle itself is made from Bronze Spragwerks "Ratchet" buckle.. the explosion and lettering is hand cut from, copper, steel, and brass, than soldered together.
Just another fine example of how amazingly talented my friends are.. Eric Ahlquist took the time out of his busy schedule to fit in a SPRAGWERKS photo session..this is just a taste..stay tuned for more shots-
A few months ago i got asked to make a 3" a replica of a Tattoo Gun.. The Gun is on a Hand Wrought Silver chain- Keep an eye out for the new SPRAGWERKS Toggle and Jump ring!


This is Solid Sterling Silver Buckle that was cast from Horex Motorcycle gas Tank emblem. I made this as a one Off piece for a friend in NYC about 6 years ago-

Hobo Hearts

Here are some rings that i made for some dear friends of mine, Emily and Ted. The image was borrowed from an old Buster Keaton movie - two hearts colliding into one.  The "A" is for Alabama - aka Abby - their adorable daughter. You can check out Ted's stuff here.
This is a Skull ring of all Skull rings! Weighing in at a staggering 3 ounces of Sterling Silver! It's cast from a Skull that i sculpted as part of the Inked True Color Awards. With a little reworking it makes the perfect ring. At the moment it's available as a limited run in sizes 10-13-