beckmann--These are two of my favorite ring designs! these are the rings that i designed for Jeff & Mary..(see custom belt buckle in the next post) Hers: A custom Claddagh ring. the main part of the ring is cast in platinum & the celtic band on the ring shank is cast in 18k yellow gold. the crown is set with 20 .7mm white diamonds & a green garnet set just above- His: this is a spin on one of my bound rings, Made just a tad narrower the band is hand formed from 14g sterling silver, than the same design that was used to make the Celtic knot on Mary's ring was laser engraved into Jeff's ring.. the knot is capped of with an M. the ring is riveted together with 2 14g rose gold rivets- these designs are a perfect example of collaborating with a client to get them exactly what they want.. for me these types of projects are my favorite, working with clients in this capacity is truly inspiring, as well as an honor. m&j