Here are some example of some of the custom engagement rings that i've made. generally the client gives me a rough idea, sometimes i'm provided with family heirlooms to be re-purposed in the ring that is being made.other times if the client is in (or can get to L.A.) i take them to see a private diamond/gem dealer, and the client chooses the right stone for the ring that is being custom made for them. this is such a great way to be a part of the process of making something so special and custom! take a gander at these- Smokey Quartz and Stag beetle leg ring; IMG_2518-725x632 the shank of this ring is made from casting of a Hercules beetle's front legs (the specimens come from my private collection), after a mold is made from the legs the wax is formed into a ring, and cast it 14k yellow gold, the Smokey Quartz was provided by the client(it was obtained from a a mine in Colorado) stagg bonsey these ring are also made from the castings of beetle legs, one is cast in 18k white , and set with a .75 carat white diamond. the other is cast in 14k yellow, and set with a Mexican Fire Opal! helix This is one of the more complex rings that i've had to design. the shank splits into two(one either side) and forms a helix that transitions through the halo setting & into the prongs for the center stone. the ring is cat in platinum, and set with a 1.2 carat white diamond center stone, and 18 1.5mm halo settings. mitra here is another example of a helix band, the helix design in this and are squared off to form more of a traditional "cathedral" styled halo setting- the ring is cast in 18k white, the center stone is set with a 1 carat Asscher cut diamond. the tops and side of the halo are set with 1mm white diamonds, while the band is set with colored diamonds graduating from dark to light. casey here is yet another example of a custom halo setting ring. The setting is cast in platinum, and set with vintage Miner cut white diamonds(center stone 1carat) J&h edwardian-1 These are both examples of my twist on Edwardian styled rings- the frst is cast in 18k yellow gold(with the helix style band) the second cast in 14k yellow. Both rings are set with family heirloom diamonds, both rings are also hand engraved by a master graver(he's 88 years old!) these rings really pushed me creatively, and again a perfect example of what happens when you work closly with your clients! alex Fancy pants!!!! this ring is cast in 14k white gold , and set with a .85 carat main diamond , and 20 secondary diamonds ranging from 1.2mm-2.2mm. it's not the best photo, but it's a great example of the types of rings that can be created! niktwinkoblue-sapphire these are some examples of solitaire ring designs.. marquee diamond set into a 14k rose gold hand formed ring. a oval Blue Sapphire set into a hand formed 18k white shank and bezel. and a .75 carat white diamond set into a 14k yellow shank and bezel. alexshannonalex Before the diamond got marketed to be the symbol for being engaged, the Blue Sapphire was used. here are two examples of using a Blue Sapphires. the first is a 18k white halo style ring, set with a 7x9mm oval blue sapphire surrounded by white diamonds. the second is a very simple yet elegant style setting. a 14k white shank with a 3.5mm blue sapphire center stone ,flanked by 2mm white diamonds.