Here is a collection of wedding bands that i've made in the last year or so. they range from super technical to rather simple. one thing they all have in common is that they were made custom for the clients who ordered them A&N this set of rings were hand carved from wax. His ring is 6mm wide & cast in 14k white gold, hers is 11mm wide, and cast in 18k rose gold. both rings are engraved with each others names , as well as special symbols that were created by the bride to be- G&J this set of rings was created to compliment the bride to be's vintage Edwardian filigree engagement ring. here ring was fabricated to fit perfectly around the engagement ring, cast in 14k white gold ..than rhodium plated to give it that bright white look, set with heirloom diamonds & hand engraved by an old world master to match her engagement ring. His ring was fabricated to match the octagon shape of the bezel on her ring.. cast in 14k white, than the face of the ring was carefully stippled to give it a contrasting finish, both rings have each others fingerprints laser engraved into the inside of the rings- alchemy this set of rings were hand made from 14k white gold stock.. first a texture is applied, than formed into the rings... after that the planets that rule each their astrological signs, each ring was laser engraved with all three symbols(they have a baby).. than for a special touch the bride and groom had each others finger prints laser engraved into each others rings. this is a great example of a rather simple ring design, custom tailored to exactly what the couple wanted. panikbands the rings pictured above are two of my favorites...made for a dear friend, and given complete creative freedom to create what ever i want! first a sheet of 12 gauge sterling silver was measured & cut the width of BOTH rings combined, than the material was reticulated( the technique that give it the surface a foiled texture).. from here i measured the width of each ring, and made my cut... here is where my favorite part comes in- i left the cut edges intact, and formed the rings... ordinarily when i make this ring the edged get filed flat.. in this case i left both edges as they were, one side with its organic line to symbolize each persons unique individuality, the cut edge was left to symbolize how two such individually unique , and strong people fit so well together- goldrelic this ring is hand formed and textured from a piece of 18k white gold sizing stock(basically a bar of gold)- pretty simple and totally unique. SHANE shane's these rings were made to compliment the engagement ring that i made for a couple a while back. the engagement ring was made molded from antique nails.. the request was for the rings to look like relics. his is a channel design cast in 18k white gold, hers is cast in 18k yellow. foiledfoliedprint here is another example of an Igenous ring tweeked to suite the clients needs.. the edges are left organic, and the inside engraved with his wife to be's fingerprint- IMG_2495-725x632 here is another favorite of mine.. contrasting textures hand applied to a 14k white gold band... it reminds me of a mountain range- these next few rings are perfect examples of my talents being pushed by my clients(your) imagination... IMG_2326-725x632 at first glance this just looks like a random design.. to a genetic engineer (the client) it's more like the personal DNA chain for the bride and groom, pretty crazy right!?! IMG_2243-725x632 this ring was created as a celebration of a anniversary. She wanted something with a art-deco feel, the texture on the upper most layer really ads a special twist. IMG_2544-725x632IMG_2547-725x632 this is perhaps one of the most radical(and challenging, and favorite) concepts i've created to date!! it's pretty self explanatory.. a black panther (symbolizing his relationship with his bride to be), crushing a gold band(the wedding band from his first marriage).. symbolizing that his new relations ship is fierce, and strong.. and therefore crushing the former relationship.. the panther was carved from clay(by me), cast in silver. the gold band is actually the gold wedding band from his first marriage.. the ring is than set with yellow sapphire eyes, black diamond whiskers, white diamond teeth, and pink sapphires for the tongue- it's a really conversation piece to say the least! ceco-cougar this concept started out as an email exchange with a dear old friend who would be needing a special ring for his upcoming wedding- this is what came out of that exchange of ideas.. three artdeco prowling panthers nestled in a channel ring, cast in 10k rose gold.. with a tiny ruby set into the eye of one of the panthers.