Custom Wedding Bands!!!!!!

Here are a few images of some wedding bands i made in the past year..

These rings are cast from the fingerprints of the bride and groom..

This client wanted a Elvis inspired wedding band for her husband.

This design is made from a hand forged silver band. I set 8 rivets in the band, 7 to look like screws, and the 8th in 18k yellow gold.

Over the summer i got a call from an old friend.. it was his 15 year wedding anniversary and he needed a new ring. It was a while since he actually worn one, the
ring he worn last had to get cut from his finger(never try to repair a running lawnmower!), we put our heads together and came up with this… A reticulated silver band with 13 gold stitches!

No idea is too crazy… So if you want something really special for the most specialist of occasions shoot us an email

2012 Custom Wedding bands