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1. What is a “sprag”?
Technically, it’s anything used to prop, support, or immobilize. It’s also a type of clutch. It’s also the favorite topic of an ornery captain of boat Rich was working on. See our About page for the full story.
2. Where are you located?
Spragwerks is located in Los Angeles, California, and the shop is in Echo Park. You can get our mailing address and contact info here.
3. Do you have a shop?
Sure do – it’s in Echo Park, California. But it’s not a store shop, it’s the workshop (where the magic happens!). Although Spragwerks is featured in many stores across the country, we don’t currently have a Spragwerks store. That may change, but for now, we’re keeping it down to the two of us – Jennifer, the admin/shipping/office/production manager/producer gal, and Rich, the designer/creator/fabricator/owner/operator. That keeps us pretty busy. If you'd like to see if there's a retailer near you, go to our Links page.
4. Can I come visit the shop?
Sure thing! Contact us and we’ll set up an appointment!
5. Where is everything made?
Spragwerks products are made 100% in the USA. Many pieces are fully fabricated right in Rich’s shop, in Echo Park, California, and everything is hand-finished by him. We feel very strongly about supporting local and independent business, environmental sustainability, and fair trade, so any vendors we use are located in either New York City or Los Angeles. Our vendors were painstakingly chosen for their regard to environmental responsibility, fair work ethics, and excellent workmanship. For more on our policies, or our vendors, see our About page.
6. Who creates the designs and where do you get your ideas?
Rich Sandomeno is the designer, creator, fabricator, and owner of Spragwerks: Most everything I make is inspired by the obscure, the organic, decaying urban surroundings…and my love for machines. Often, I’ll find something just during the course of my day, and can see the finished product. Sometimes I have to make adjustments, but I’ve found most of my favorite pieces by simply opening my eyes where you normally wouldn’t look. A lot of designs I come up with in the midst of conversation or thinking about something else. Then, I sketch it out, carve it from wax, and have that cast. I do custom work, too. If you have a design you’d like created, you can read more about getting custom work done here.
7. How did you go from mechanic to jeweler?
I started to work in auto shops when I was 13. Although I had always loved working on and repairing cars and trucks, it never really left me satisfied...or never fulfilled me spiritually. I always wanted to do something “else”, but what that was, I had no idea. In 1992, I started taking a couple night classes in NYC – jewelry-making was one of them. It stuck like glue and in 2002 I took the chance of a lifetime - I quit a really good paying job, and went out on my own...the rest is history!
[top] 8. Can you do custom work?
Sure – we love custom work! To find out more, see our Custom page.
9. Do you sell to stores in my area?
We sell to a number of retailers across the country. To see if there's one by you, go to our Links page.
10. Can I have any of the designs cast in gold?
Sure thing! We can cast a design in yellow, white, or rose gold, and platinum, and consider it a custom job. There is, of course, an added cost to get a design cast in any of these precious metals, but we can do it! Simply follow the instructions on the Custom page, and we’ll get you squared away!
11. What other metals do you work with?
The buckles are usually cast in nickel, pewter, white metal, or brass. Our other jewelry and accessories are usually made with sterling silver, gold, or brass, and sometimes a combination. Our Spragware home accessories are made with nickel, pewter, or brass, and all blades, screws, etc., are stainless steel. However, all jewelry, buckles, and other accessories can be cast in any metal to fit your style, including platinum. Check out our Custom page to see how to get that done!
12. Where's the ".925"?
The ".925" mark is a custom's requirement for imported or exported silver. Since all Spragwerks jewelry is made domestically, we have no need to use the ".925" marking. For those who don't know, ".925" represents the purity of the silver - 92.5%. The remaining 7.5% is another alloy, usually copper, and is used to strengthen the silver. (Pure silver would be too soft to use for jewelry.)
13. Can you make rings in half-sizes?
We sure can! During checkout, please indicate the size you’d like in the “Notes” box, and we’ll make it happen!
14. What do I do if a ring doesn’t fit?
First, if you’re not sure of your ring size, try to get your finger sized before you order. You can get this done at any jeweler. If you don’t have a jewelry store nearby, shoot us an email and we’ll send you a ring sizer. (Please include your full name and address!) Also, remember that the width of a ring band can affect how snug or loose the ring feels. Wider ring bands may feel a bit smaller because the extra material covers more finger.
If you’ve already received your order, and it’s the wrong size, we’ll exchange it for the correct size. If the fault is ours, we’ll ship a new one out pronto! If not, we do charge a shipping fee. For precisely how to make an exchange, please see our Terms of Use page. [top]
15. Do you do custom engraving?
Yep! We can engrave most rings, some pendants, even buckles! While shopping, just look for “Custom Engraving Available” under the details for an item. Send us an email with your name, address, item name, and the text you’d like engraved. Just be sure to triple-check your spelling! Any mistakes made are yours to bear (or the recipient’s!) We’ll let you know if we have any questions. Then, you can pay through the site, via PayPal or your credit card. However, if you’d like to get a custom design with engraving, see our Custom page to get started!
16. Can I have my order overnighted?
No problem...BUT expedited shipping options are available only to receive your order overnight WHEN THE ORDER IS READY. All Spragwerks jewelry pieces are created and finished by hand. Then, orders are packaged and shipped by hand. It’s very rare – even with all our mojo – to get an order out the same day it was received for next-day arrival. We aim to please, though – we’ll do everything we can to get it out as quickly as possible and if you add expedited shipping as your shipping preference during checkout, we'll let you know if you're item is in stock or needs to be made! We use FedEx for our expedited shipping. If you would like to have your order shipped overnight, simply mark your shipping preferences during checkout, and click “OK.” Then, complete your transaction, and you’re all set! For more on when your order will ship, see our Shipping page.
17. A lifetime warranty? Can you explain?
Spragwerks is made to last, and Rich backs that philosophy with a lifetime warranty. Which means: If your Spragwerks piece breaks from normal wear, we’ll replace it! (Denting your ring because you hit your hand with a hammer is not “normal wear.”) You can look at what's covered, and how to get something repaired or replaced, by reading about our Lifetime Warranty in Terms of Use.
18. No refunds?
Sorry, Spragwerks has a strict “No Refunds” policy. Unless you’ve purchased an item that is out of stock and we no longer make (which rarely happens), there are no refunds for your purchase. Many of our items are made to order, so please note the dimensions and description BEFORE you complete your transaction. Also, because every item is hand-finished, the tarnish (black coloring) cannot match the photo online exactly. We will, however, do our very best to satisfy you – why wear something you’re not in love with? Please see the next question for more.
19. What about exchanges?
If your purchase wasn’t all you’d hoped it would be, we’ll gladly exchange it for another item of equal or greater value. Or, if you like it, but would like more or less tarnish, we can do that, too. Please note that there is a shipping fee for exchanges. That fee will be the same as the cost you paid originally, unless you decide to change your shipping options or address. If the new item you’d like is more expensive, you’ll be responsible for that additional cost as well. Of course, if the item arrived damaged, or was not what you ordered, we’ll exchange it free of charge (and with our apologies)! For precisely how to make exchanges, please see our Terms of Use page.
20. Do you ever have store-wide sales?
We do have regular sales occasionally, like 25% off or free shipping, that sort of thing. But we only offer those through our mailing list, so be sure to add yourself! Also, we sometimes offer items on the website at a discounted rate. The discounted rate will appear under the regular rate.
21. Should I subscribe to your newsletter?
We think so! It’s easy, and the best part? a) we won’t bombard you with excessive newletters – maybe five or six a year, and b) we offer sales and info through our newsletter that no one else gets! You can subscribe to our newsletter by going to the Contact page, add your email in the box provided, and follow the prompts. And, in case you’re wondering, we won’t sell or share your info without your permission. To unsubscribe, click the “Unsubscribe” link at the bottom of the newsletter.
22. Can I put images of your jewelry and accessories on my website/blog?
We’d love for you to share the love! Please make sure that “Spragwerks” is shown with the image, and a link to our site is provided. No hot-linking allowed. If you’re not sure what that is, Webweaver has a pretty good description.
23. Do you offer wholesale?
We do! If you’re a business looking to sell our product, please shoot us an email and we’ll get a catalog and our wholesale requirements to you. Please include your business name and mailing address in your email!
24. Is Spragwerks a “green” company?
We do our best to be as green as possible. From re-using packing materials and recycling, to choosing small local and domestic vendors, Spragwerks is passionate about living and doing business in a sustainable way. Please see our About page for more.
25. How do I care for my Spragwerks jewelry?
As Spragwerks products are made to last, you don’t have to be delicate – they’re meant to be worn! Personally, we like things on the worn and tarnished side over here. But if your silver is looking a bit too dingy for you, a polishing cloth, which you can get from any jewelry store, will shine it right up. Keeping your jewelry in boxes specially for jewelry will keep them from getting beat up while you’re not wearing them. You know, instead of throwing them all, willy-nilly, into your grandmother’s vintage candy dish, like we do. Like I said, we like things on the worn side…
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