Bentley Addison Wood « Spragwerks


NAME: Bentley Addison Wood
OCCUPATION: Musician/Poet
LOCATION: Brooklyn, NY


FAVORITE SW PIECE: In this photo I'm wearing a belt buckle Rich made from the side wall of an old tire we found in the desert a bunch of years ago. It's raw and totally bullet-proof with a crooked hand-stamped SPRAGWERKS on rusted metal backing. You can't see it in this photo....I wore it that night because it gives me tons of courage, inspiration...and doesn't scratch the back of my Guild. Rich has an eye for beauty in old, broken down things...always looking down, looking around, gears turning, scavenging. ALSO IN MY COLLECTION: SK8 buckle - Skateboarding informed who I my blood. This was cast from one of my spare riser pads. SS Ratchet buckle - This is the first piece I got from in form and function. Always gets commented on. Random Reverse buckle - Just looks totally some random piece of metal...until you realize it's a tail light. To me it totally encapsulates the subtle side of Spragwerks. Seeing something uncommon in the common. Bentley also owns: SW Coyote money clip, SW hand-dyed leather notebook, 40s Surplus wallet, and even SW shop rags. For more on Bentley, go to