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Billy Bones


NAME: Billy Bones
LOCATION: Los Angeles, CA


SW PIECES: Matching corset rings and a belt buckle. We are Christina and Billy Bones. Billy Bones writes and performs as the lead singer of his band The BillyBones. Formerly the 77 LA Punk band, The Skulls. Christina is his wife and muse. WHY THEY LIKE IT: We like wearing jewelry that will strike up conversation, that is artistic and unique. That's exactly what Spragwerks is. The detail is exceptional and it's obviously like nothing else you've seen. It's supporting an artist - and looking cool doing it! The rings mean a particularly great deal to us, because they're unusual, and we like to liken that to our lives. We've never done the norm - with our family and our marriage. And so it makes sense to wear rings that symbolize that! DEFINING MOMENTS:A few years ago Christina and I celebrated 30 years of marriage. Complete with a party surrounded by all of our friends. That's also when we bought our matching rings to replace our wedding bands. That day we got the chance to preform on stage with each other and look out to a room of literally everyone that was important to us. Our daughter, our friends, musicians, artists. It was like looking out into a crowd and seeing what you've accomplished thus far in life, and it felt pretty good.