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Shorty Maniace


NAME: Shorty Maniace
LOCATION: San Francisco, CA


WHO ARE YOU? I am Shorty Maniace. I am from Anchorage Alaska.... but I relate more to NYC. WHAT DO YOU DO? I am a Barber at Mystic Hair in SF CA. SOMETHING IN YOUR LIFE THAT MAKES YOU PROUD? Something in my life that makes me proud would be most likely when the media demeaned me the father of the Return of the Gentleman Barber movement. I try to find pride in every moment in life. A DEFINING MOMENT IN YOUR LIFE? Defining time in my life was when I stop being scared of what people thought and started taking chances in and out of my career. FIRST THING YOU DO IN THE MORNING? First thing I do in the morning is scratch my ass then meditate. FAVORITE PLACE TO VISIT? Favorite place to visit is Italy, or Solitude WHAT INSPIRES YOU? What inspires me.......Friends, Family, Any time frame between 1920 through 1964. Johnny Depp. WHAT ARE YOU WORKING ON RIGHT NOW? I am working on Improving myself. FAVORITE PIECE OF SPRAGWERKS JEWELRY YOU OWN? Favorite spargwerks piece....this is hard I own a lot but I have to say it is the Straight Razor pendent DO YOU HAVE AN INTERESTING SPRAGWERKS STORY YOU NEED TO TELL? Every moment with Rich is an interesting story, during an interview about coming trends in hair all the interviewer was asking about was my jewelry.