here is a peak at some custom stuff i've made in the last year or so- wisdom this is a necklace made from a clients wisdom teeth.. the specimens are set into fitted silver bezels, than strung on a silver chain- kiki here we have a molar set into a hand carved Deco styled ring.. the ring is bronze, and has black diamonds set around the bezel. AHS these we made as wrap gifts for teh folks who worked on last season of American Horror Story, Freak-show. the same design was used as a necklace, a key chain and a ring! CLOVER here is a HUGE custom Mexican biker ring... the ring is sterling silver, and the clover and horseshoe are cast in bronze. thekla a custom silver skull ring, set with white sapphires in the eyes.. the cross bone is cast from a random rat bone. customchef here is the front and back of a pendant i made for a gear head chef.. IMG_2340-725x632 here we have a custom made Bronze Giraffe skull pendant. IMG_2344-725x632 i was asked to partici[ate in a art show celebrating Lux Interior from the infamous(and one of my favorite) band "The Cramps". what i created was 'Frankenlux". a perfect melding of Lux & Frankenstein.. the ring is cast in bronze, and finished patina. scrolls silver scrolls here are some rings made from castings of various bits and pieces from real insects: scorpion the ring shank is molded from a yellow scorpion tail, cast in 14k yellow gold and set with a smokey quartz. emerald this ring is molded from the front legs of a giant Hercules beetle, cast in 14k yellow gold, and set with a oval emerald. locust-2 the shank of this ring is made from the molds of the rear leg's of a giant locust, the stone is a laboradite.(the photo does not capture the iridescent qualities of the magnificent stone) blackstarr this ring is molded from the second segment of a stag beetles front legs.. cast in sterling silver, and set with a black star sapphire-